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Pictures for my photo classes at CCSF
PHOT 51 - Beginning Photography
PHOT 85A - Beginning Lighting Techniques
PHOT 81A - B&W Film, Darkroom
Put some heart into your drink (PHOTO 85A)Banana (PHOTO 85A)Turkish tea I (PHOTO 85A)Turkish tea II (PHOTO 85A)Turkish tea III (PHOTO 85A)The cat and the daisy (PHOTO 85A)Ring (PHOTO 85A)Woodless (PHOTO 85A)Predator (PHOTO 85A)Sniffer (PHOTO 85A)A tribute to Terry Border (PHOTO 85A)Amazing Light (PHOT 85A)Enlightenment (PHOT 51)Barrier (PHOT 51)Goodwill poster (PHOT 51)Yellow kettle (PHOT 51)Black and white in underground (PHOT 51)Wind Arrows (PHOT 51)Rest time (PHOT 51)Ganesha, The Shadow (PHOT 51)